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We frequently combine qualitative and quantitative methodologies recognizing diverse information needs and client / member types.


Labett Research and Marketing has conducted quantitative surveys ranging in size from 30 to 2,400 people. For most surveys we can conduct them in-house using telephone, face-to-face or online methodologies. For large general public studies we typically use established Omnibus telephone surveys.

Focus Groups

We have conducted hundreds of focus groups, and are flexible in our approach. We can conduct focus groups in qualitative facilities with mirrored glass client viewing, or we are equally comfortable facilitating discussion groups in-house with our clients sitting in the room.

Executive Interviews

Tess Labett has interviewed some of New Zealand’s most senior decision-makers, in both the public and private sectors. Executive interviews not only provide feedback relating to performance, competition and the market, they also provide an opportunity to build relationships with decision-makers outside project parameters.